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    The people who developed this interview, which took place just after the launch of 7.1.5 Included:

    Adam Kugler — Lead Class DesignerJay Gill — Class DesignerPaul Kubit — Senior DesignerJohn Shin — Producer

    P2Pah One thing I’m most amazed by is the amount of enthusiasm our community has regarding the World of Warcraft . The majority of this is due, I think to the constant content we’ve been receiving for this game. What has this been like on the developer side, creating this constant stream of content instead of the occasional droughts that we had in past years?

    We were extremely excited about the game. When working on WoW we learned a lot from previous expansions – we discovered things from Cataclysm’s transformation to Pandaria, Pandaria into Warlords, and others. The big one that we learned from the Warlords expansion is we’re just required to create more patches. It is essential to keep the game vibrant with new content. The best way to do that is by ensuring that every couple of months, we have something new to do. That’s why we have these .5 patches – to give you, even if it’s not the vast raid tier, or the outdoor farming zone something brand new you can play.

    I think it’s something that has always been on our list of things to do, when working in World of Warcraft , and finally, we’ve decided to do it and we’re very pleased that we’re able to kind of get this better experience to the players.

    Update 7.1.5 is a microcosmosis of our core beliefs: by using micro-holidays to show ridiculous things that we could do, or time-walking which is a tribute to the things players remember really fondly. Even micro-holidays bringing players to pay attention to AQ. love that WoW has been able to provide lots of content throughout the years and we’re continuing with that tradition by providing activities for players that are exciting and new. happy about.
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