This #BroadwayKeRumah class is for you that wanna grow your page follower from 56 people to 4,582…or even 16,239, with “Social Media for Musical Community” class by Zendika Sandiaszkara!

This webinar sharing session is for you who wants to know how to market your musical show or performing arts community through social media, with tools and tips from @buenosdiasz experience as @jakartapac admin!

This class is for you if you’re currently using social media to promote your community or shows, or just want to know the behind-the-scene of JPAC digital presence, for only IDR 75k, only for 15 people.

Zendika Sandiaszkara works as Social Media Officer at Gramedia Digital Nusantara, a digital agency under Kompas Gramedia Group, and is one of the content creator for Gramediadotcom & Gramedia Digital social media.

He joined JPAC as a performer in 2016, and was also the JPAC Media team leader for JPAC’s Blackbird and Company, and Lentera ID’s Musikal Belakang Panggung. You can also find his skincare reviews at MySkinKu!