Folks, we finally got our headline! Sharpen your writing skills in #BroadwayKeRumah Theatre Review & Journalism!

Critics are an indispensable part of every performing arts industry. Honest and constructive review is needed to raise Indonesia’s theatrical artistic standard.

Play your part in building the Indonesian theatre scene, with Raka’s experience as BroadwayWorld writer, learn how to give feedback to your favorite show and help audience see a piece of art in a different light, for only IDR 75k!

P.S: You can submit your Theater critics/review so we can discussed them during class!

Rakaputra Paputungan is the Indonesian contributor for the US-based website, writing reviews and articles to further introduce the Indonesian theatre scene to the global community.

He’s currently working as the Creative Researcher at Trans Studio, researching the newest trends and breakthroughs in performing arts.